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Questions About Charges

Were you billed by Events.org?

Events.org works on behalf of several nonprofit organizations to bring them affordable online services. Events.org is a service provider for nonprofit handling online transactions, such as online registration and online donation charges. If your credit card has a charge to Events.org, it is likely that you recently registered or made a charitable contribution to nonprofit organization.

Why does Events.org process my credit card?

It is often difficult and costly to obtain both the security and authorization to process credit cards as an online merchant. In addition, nonprofit organizations are often stuck with incredibly high transaction fees. In recognition of these facts, Events.org provides nonprofit organizations with Internet capabilities so they may direct their time and resources to raising money for their cause. If you believe you have been mistakenly charged by Events.org, please contact Events.org’s Customer Support at help@events.org.

How does it work?

When you register or make a donation to a nonprofit organization on Events.org, your credit card is charged the given amount by Events.org, and your registration or donation information is sent directly to the nonprofit’s office database. Your donation is then routed to the nonprofit organization.

Is Events.org secure?

Events.org has very high standards, especially when it comes to protecting the confidentiality of our nonprofit organizations and their donors. For this reason, Events.org uses the highest level of security measures and precautions to ensure your information and your organization’s information is secure, including SSL encryption and VeriSign approval. We do not sell your personal information nor do we use it for any advertising purposes.

How long has Events.org been around?

Events.org has been supporting Non-Profits, Charities, Schools, Associations and Unviersities since 2002. We have been providing affordable services and solutions to help them raise more and keep more for their mission.

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