Béatrice Coron, Cut Stories

Béatrice Coron, Cut Stories

Paper cutting, from historical roots to the contemporary art scene, demonstrates it’s multi-facets. Simple techniques— cutting, stenciling, modeling— permit the creation of large installations and intimate works. In this intense workshop of serious fun, we will explore unique ways to tell stories. Participants will cut their designs into scarves, make pop-up hats, create masks out of Tyvek and paper. We will be looking for new approaches to engage the viewer by offering new content and shape. Participants will learn researching ideas, drawing composition, paper cutting techniques and how to make paper dimensional with basic pop-up and paper sculpture techniques. Adaptation to other materials such as glass or metal and digital possibilities of 3D programs and animations will be discussed. Béatrice Coron is a studio artist who creates papercuttings, artist’s books, digital animations and public art. She cuts surprising shapes and environments for words and thoughts. Her work can be seen in major collections such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Walker Art Center. You can see her public art in subways (New York, Los Angeles and Chicago). www.beatricecoron.com Find out more and apply now at http://millsbookartsummer.org/ Questions about the Mills College Summer Institute for Book and Print Technologies or the application process, can be directed to BookArtSummer@mills.edu

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Mills College, 5000 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland

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