Clifton Meador, Introducing Oneself to the Risograph

Clifton Meador, Introducing Oneself to the Risograph

The Risograph is an automated silkscreen copier that’s fast, cheap, and slightly out of control. A two-color Riso machine prints two colors nearly simultaneously and offers an opportunity to explore a galaxy of overprint color using a range of approaches, from very intuitive and experimental to highly organized using digital pre-press techniques. We will investigate the range of creative modes and make a pile of prints using different base colors. Everyone will leave with a portfolio of prints that demonstrate a variety of approaches. Risography is nothing like letterpress, nor is it like offset lithography. It is a damp, slow-drying version of an office copier with some personality defects. And, like with all of us, the defects are a big part of the charm. Clifton Meador combines writing, photography, printmaking, and design to make printed work that explores how the narratives of culture, history, and place are the basis for identity. He has worked as a pressman at several commercial, literary, and small press production facilities including Open Studio, Nexus Press, and J. B. Richards. He currently serves as Chair of the Department of Art at Appalachian State University. Find out more and apply now at Questions about the Mills College Summer Institute for Book and Print Technologies or the application process, can be directed to

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Mills College, 5000 MacArthur Blvd., Oakland

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