Light, Might, and Beyond: Chanukah and Meaning-Making in 2023

Chanukah has been called "a type of holy Rorschach test." The story and rituals of this holiday have many different meanings depending on how you look at them. Join dynamic Jewish educator Abby Eisenberg to explore the development of Chanukah and how its various messages have evolved over time. We'll analyze historical, religious, and liturgical texts and, in doing so, attempt to determine if there is one dominant theme of the holiday or if Chanukah can truly be based on multiple - perhaps conflicting - themes. We'll aim to glean meaning that resonates with each of us, for the holiday, for this year, and beyond.

Abby Eisenberg is a community Jewish educator based in NYC. She is also the founder of Judaics Tutoring NYC, where she and her team of educators are dedicated to helping learners around the globe connect to text-based Jewish learning and meaningful Jewish living. Abby currently teaches adults at the 92NY, Center for Conversion to Judaism, My Jewish Learning and the Wexner Field Fellowship. She has a BA in history from Yeshiva University, an MA in Judaic studies from the Jewish Theological Seminary and private rabbinic ordination. When Abby is not teaching and learning, she is hiking or rock scrambling. You can learn more about Abby at

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