Leviticus (Vayikra) - A Call to Holiness

The Book of Leviticus is not just a book about sacrifices and temple worship; it also explores Jewish perspectives on tragedy, forgiveness, and holiness. Our 10-session course will elevate the esoteric laws into the realm of accessible and practical — with a sprinkling of sanctity mixed in. Together, we will discover holiness in the mundane, and the depth and wisdom each one of us can absorb from this oft-overlooked book of the Torah.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 - Challenges and Opportunities in Studying Vayikra

Lesson 2 - Korbanot: Drawing Near to God

Lesson 3 - The Joyous Fire of Acceptance and the Tragic Fire of Death

Lesson 4 - How can the Sacred Moment of Birth Involve “Tumah”?

Lesson 5 - Lots, Goats, And Azazel? Yom Kippur Biblical Style

Lesson 6 - Kedushah: Holiness For All

Lesson 7 - Counting up: Holiness in Time

Lesson 8 - Crime and Punishment: Holiness Threatened

Lesson 9 - Shabbat for the Land, for God and …Holiness for You!

Lesson 10 - Blessings and Curses: A Call to Follow God’s Ways

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