Soul's Cycles: A Ride Through the Chapters of Life

Ready to flex your spiritual muscles? This six-week course will lead you through a focused, high-intensity journey through the Jewish perspective on some of life’s milestones: birth, Bar/Bat mitzvah, marriage, divorce, mikvah, conversion — a fascinating ride that will deepen your understanding for when these moments happen to you, your family, or your friends. Crossing the finish line will leave you energized and inspired by the depth and complexity of Jewish values, concerns, expectations, and hopes.

Table of Contents
Lesson 1: What to expect when you’re expecting a Jewish baby

Lesson 2: Raising the Bar: Becoming Bnei Mitzvah

Lesson 3: From Chuppah to Hoopla: A Jewish Wedding Day

Lesson 4: Customs of Closure: Get-ting A Jewish Divorce

Lesson 5: Your People are My People: The How-To of Becoming a Jew

Lesson 6: A Splash of Ritual: The Wisdom of the Living Waters

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