Israeli Literature as a Window to Israeli Society

Encounter Israeli society through the pens of Israel’s leading writers, discovering voices that are original, contemporary, and honest. This 10-part course takes you on a literary journey offering a fresh and fascinating examination of Israeli society since the birth of the State in 1948.  Together, learners will read poetry and prose that is challenging and self-critical, gaining great insights into the Israeli national psyche through written reflections on Israel’s mythical origins. Sharing literary insights is a joy of this highly interactive course, throughout which learners will interpret, analyze, and simply appreciate the works of well-known and lesser- known Israeli authors, such as Yehuda Amichai, Dalia Ravikovitch and Amos Oz, whose words paint a multidimensional picture of a proud nation.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1
- If I Forget Thee… Longing for Zion

Lesson 2 - Hebrew or Jewish? Speaking in Tongues

Lesson 3 - Tel Aviv – The First Hebrew City

Lesson 4 - A Poet and His City: Amichai’s Jerusalem

Lesson 5 - The Trauma of the Shoah

Lesson 6 - Pro Patria Mori – War and Its Impact

Lesson 7 - Women’s Writing

Lesson 8 - The Clash Between Land and Identities

Lesson 9 - What Lies Beyond the Blue Mountain?

Lesson 10 - Love of the Land – Ami Chai

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