Genesis (Bereshit) Part II - The Story of the First Jewish Family

Take a journey through the heartwarming and heartbreaking stories of the first Jewish family as told in Bereshit/Genesis. Over ten sessions, we’ll dive into biblical tales of palace seduction, wrestling with angels, deception, and reconciliation. These dramatic adventures and the lessons they teach reverberate across the millennia with familiar themes of wrongdoings and reunions. Through the Torah text and the commentaries of our sages, you will gain new insight and deepen your understanding of the trials and tribulations faced by the founders of the Jewish nation.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 - Birth of Two Nations

Lesson 2 - The Stolen Blessing

Lesson 3 - Sisters Compete

Lesson 4 - Wrestling with the Angels

Lesson 5 - Dishonor and Outrage in Shekhem

Lesson 6 - Yosef, the Dreamer

Lesson 7 - The Yehudah and Tamar Incident

Lesson 8 - Seduction in the House of Potiphar

Lesson 9 - Reunion in Egypt: Trial, Payback, or Something Else?

 Lesson 10 - Blessing the Grandchildren

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