Genesis (Bereshit) Part 1- From Adam to Abraham: The First 20 Generations

Explore the first book of the Torah — from the creation of Adam and Eve to the story of Abraham and Sarah, including the very first sibling rivalry that ended in murder. Over ten sessions, we’ll discuss multiple universal narratives which serve as the foundation of the Jewish faith. Leaners will gain insight into the story of the flood, the Tower of Babel, and much more. We’ll examine the themes of family, faith, honor, and power and discuss how these stories have influenced our people — throughout history and to this very day.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 - The Creation of Woman

Lesson 2 - The First Murder

Lesson 3 - The Rainbow

Lesson 4 - The Curse of Canaan

Lesson 5 - The Tower of Bavel

Lesson 6 - Leaving the Promised Land

Lesson 7 - And Sarah Laughed

Lesson 8 - The Expulsion of Yishmael

Lesson 9 - Akedat Yitzchak

Lesson 10 - The Cave of Makhpela

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