Top 8 Event Management and Online Registration Tools

When you’re planning your next nonprofit event, finding the best event management software is one of the biggest steps. You want something cost-effective with the capabilities to register guests and manage the back end components of the event so you can make sure your event goes smoothly and your guests have a great time! The good news? There are effective, inexpensive nonprofit event software solutions to make your life easier!

Factors to Consider

So what do you need out of an event software? It’s important to consider a few specific things as you make your decision.

Learning Curve

Some software that is more in-depth and extensive also comes with a huge learning curve. If your staff is less tech-savvy, they may get frustrated and the software will be largely ineffective. Test out the system with a demo before you commit and make sure that your team can learn it quickly.

Support availability

Is there someone you can call if you have an issue? Does it cost extra? Will they provide real-time support during the event? These are all important questions as you think about switching to a software.


While this is a no-brainer, make sure you think through all the angles. Some services charge per user, some per registration, and some charge processing fees off every transaction. These each have pros and cons, but consider how you use your software and what kind of overhead the solution will add—processing fees can take large chunks of sponsorships and large donations made through your new tool.

These considerations will help guide your decision. See below for the top event management and registration tools!

Pros: Similar to other tools like Eventbrite, features your nonprofit event in a larger marketplace in addition to your specific branded page. With low costs of $1 per registrant, you’ll keep your event overhead small and save your guests excessive fees. also allows for OneClick Registration so your guests can register with ease and even check in to the event on their phones.

Cons: You’re not using it yet.


Pros: One of the most broadly recognized names in the industry, most of your guests have used Eventbrite before and will find the interface intuitive. This also integrates with Facebook, allowing for a seamless promotional experience for your social media audience. And, the simple setup process will make this easy for your guests.

Cons: A tiered pricing structure means premium features like multiple ticket types come with an increased cost.


Pros: Complex registrations allow you to create different paths in a form depending on the answer a user gives. The tool also allows you to create a branded event website.

Cons: A la carte pricing can make this a more expensive solution to get all the helpful features, and it does have a bit of a learning curve. Some of the design interface when using graphics can be tedious or clunky, too, some users note.


Pros: OneCause integrates with BidPal, a silent auction mobile giving solution, and also allows for custom registration, event websites, and live support.

Cons: Users report a slightly higher cost than average and difficulty with slow processes for check in and check out.


Pros: DoubleKnot includes custom forms, mobile tickets, and even allows you to quickly send emails to attendees before, during, or after your event.

Cons: Users note that DoubleKnot can involve a pretty steep learning curve and a big time investment for implementation.


Pros: Fonteva integrates easily with Salesforce—if you currently use Salesforce and want to integrate data easily, this is by far the most helpful feature of Fonteva.

Cons: Single monthly fee per administrator and implementation costs mean this may be a pricier option if you only run a few events sporadically.


Pros: A smaller and less-known company, TicketStripe is unique for its two-day direct deposit of funds that will get cash in your account more quickly. 

Cons: TicketStripe doesn’t have the same name recognition or integrations as some of these other options.


Pros: With ePly, you can use their app for your event—it can even be customized to match your brand.

Cons: The $4 per registrant cost can add up quickly for larger events, and first time setup has a bit of a learning curve.

This guide will give you some insight into what tools might work best for you. Best of luck on your event!



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