The Burden and Blessing of Exile

Since the beginning, the Jewish people have been persecuted and forced to wander from land to land. Hinted at in the book of Daniel is the idea of there being Arba Galuyot, or Four Exiles. Our first exile to Egypt was self-imposed due to famine. Later, conquerors of Israel destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem and sent us away. Then as Christianity spread, growing antisemitism forced Jews to be on the move. This was followed by the Crusades, expulsions, pogroms, and the Holocaust which forced further exiles. We will explore each of these “four exiles” with a focus on both how the experiences have shaped the Jewish people as well as the Jewish people’s influence on the societies where they made their new homes. Join expert Melton educator, Lynne Lieberman, on this four-part exploration of Jewish migration across land and time to shed light on how our global journey has had profound implications for our Jewish self-identity and the Jewish influences that can be felt in the communities where we’ve lived.

Lynne Lieberman - Lynne is the Online Learning Coordinator. Lynne became passionate about Jewish education while obtaining her bachelor's degree in Hebrew Language and Literature at The Ohio State University. Her love for the work to perpetuate Jewish learning and living was cemented while working as a Hebrew School teacher during the piloting of a new, innovative afternoon Hebrew school curriculum made possible by Florence Melton. Lynne earned her master’s degree in Jewish Education from Hebrew College of Boston, Massachusetts and is a graduate of the Mandel Teacher Educator Institute (MTEI). She has taught preschool, Jewish Studies and Hebrew language in afternoon religious schools, day schools, and adult education programs in many settings in the United States. For twenty years Lynne taught Jewish education courses, trained teachers and guided synagogue, day school and education boards throughout the greater Palm Beaches in her role as Jewish education leader at the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County.

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