Beyond the Ashkenorm

In many Jewish circles, conversations focus mostly, if not entirely, on Ashkenazic ideas and customs, leaving out the rich culture of so many Jews who trace their heritage to other parts of the world. This course, taught by Sephardic rabbi Rabbi Johnny Solomon, seeks to explore the history, attitudes, customs, and culture of the Spanish and Portuguese (Western) Sefardic community, the Iraqi/Indian (Oriental) Sefardic communities, the Moroccan Sefardic community, and the Beta Israel Ethiopian Jewish community. Learners will listen to the songs of these communities, learn about their unique values, find out about their special foods, and consider how their communities have adapted since immigrating to Israel, the United States, and elsewhere in the world. Join us on this journey to expand our understanding of global Jewry.

Rabbi Johnny Solomon is a teacher, writer, editor and ‘Virtual Rabbi’ who provides online spiritual coaching, one-to-one learning, and halachic consultations to those without a Rabbi.

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