Two Centuries of Modern Antisemitism

The flames of antisemitism have once again been stoked, reigniting from the embers of the past. In this 5-week course explore this age-old hatred. Discover how 19th century self-professed anti-Semites emboldened and morphed Jew hatred into the modern phenomenon. From there, unpack the evolution of antisemitism in the 20th and 21st centuries and how it affects the contemporary Jewish experience. Explore how the past is particularly relevant in light of the COVID pandemic and the continuous conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

Yael Weinstein, M.A., Director of Community and Online Learning, has been an educator and director of Adult Education programs since 2009 when she joined the Melton community in Colorado. Before joining Melton, she earned her Master of Arts degree in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies from Brandeis University in 2006, focusing on the topics of Anti-Semitism and Jewish Identity. While at Brandeis, Yael had the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant for Dennis Ross, former US Ambassador to Israel, for his course on the Arab-Israeli conflict. Yael is the author of the Crossroads of Jewish History course and has revised Beyond Borders: A History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. In addition to her faculty and curriculum work, Yael was the Director of Adult Jewish Education at CAJE in Colorado and the Director of Melton at the Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando.

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