Evolving Tradition: Deepening Our Understanding of Reform Judaism

Reform Judaism is the largest of the Jewish denominations in America, but at its core, it is a movement that emphasizes each individual as a critical component of sustainable and meaningful community. In this class, taught by Rabbi Emily Hyatt, we will trace the history of Reform Judaism, understand the dynamics of the movement today, and discover how Reform Judaism creates opportunities to navigate theology, heritage, ritual, and community in today’s modern world.
This is the third course in a four-part series Melton is proudly offering in 5784 exploring the major denominations in Judaism. The final course on Conservative Judaism will begin this August. You do not need to have taken the others to enjoy this one! 

We strive to ensure access and meaningful participation by all. As such, this program will have closed captioning.

Rabbi Emily Hyatt is the associate rabbi at Temple Emanuel Denver, and in addition to her role on the clergy team, she currently serves as the President of the RMRC – the Rocky Mountain Rabbis and Cantors. A proud Denver native, Rabbi Hyatt is deeply committed to the Denver Jewish community, and proudly sits on the boards of JewishColorado, the Anti-Defamation League, the JCRC (Jewish Community Relations Council), the Denver Jewish Day School and the Golda Meir House.

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