Features and Services

Express Check-In

Events.org's Express Check-In feature allows guests to check in prior to the event day. Send out an email from Events.org to all guests notifying them to use the link provided to complete their Express Check-in form. Once completed, the guest will receive a text on event day containing their personalized QR code for effortless event entry. The guest can then skip the regular check-in line and present their QR code in the express line, which will then be scanned by the check-in team to verify entry to the event.
  • Guests can check in online from any device that has internet access – including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Events.org will send out an email with sign-in instructions before the event so that guests can easily pre-register from home or when en route.
  • Fewer staff members/ volunteers are needed during check-in.
  • No more long check-in lines.
  • To check-in guest simply present their personalized QR code. 

Easy Online Event Registration

Delight your guests and participant with simple and fast online event registration using Events.org unique OneClick Registration®
  • Fully branded and customizable event pages that are part of your website
  • Mobile registration pages that work on any mobile device without the hassles of downloading
  • Your guests can register to any of your events with a single click and without jumping to third-party websites to checkout.
  • Unlimited and advanced ticketing options, including sponsorships, donations, raffles, items, and more  
  • Unlimited custom questions to fit your event needs.
  • Includes social media sharing and easy calendar invites
  • Automated and branded e-receipt directly after purchase. 
  • Offer group registration, allowing guests to purchase tickets for other attendees. An e-receipt with be directly sent to each attendee in the group. 
  • Express Checkin with QR Codes
  • Limit the number of spots available for registration or purchases.
  • Send customized automated emails, such as event updates, reminders, or thank you emails to all attendees. 
  • Promote your events free on events.org or other platforms (for an additional fee)
  • Send Save the Date
  • Event Analytics and Reporting

Donor and Contacts Management

Build stronger relationships with your donors and supporters and break away from cumbersome pricy tools that handcuffs and drain your organization. With Events.org Donor Management, you can easily track donations and manage your donors’ information. Our Donor Management systems allows you to:
  • Manage relationships with individual donors and corporate donors.
  • Manage donor information and track donations.
  • Create branded online donation forms and customize them to fit your specific fundraising campaigns.
  • Send personalized thank you messages to donors, keep track of donor acknowledgments, thank you letters and more.
  • Schedule recurring donations with ease.
  • Create a lasting relationship with your donors and supporters. -Stay in the loop by receiving email notifications of donor activity.
  • Manage a variety of payment methods including credit card, and e-check.
  • Send out email newsletters to keep donors informed of your work.
  • Automatically send regular donation and pledge payment reminders.
  • Send one-time donation requests from your website.
  • Import donors from existing database and forms, or create a new list of data.
  • Access donor records from anywhere.
  • Stay on top of your donation activity with real-time reports and graphs.
  • Send targeted email campaigns.
  • Access reports on donations and donor information.

Easy Online and Mobile Auctions with iBid

iBid is an easy online and mobile auction service that runs seamlessly with Events.org. iBid makes it simple for you to create and manage a full-cycle auction experience, from item solicitation to bidding and closing. With iBid, you can manage your item solicitation with your supporters, manage your auction catalog and assign categories and item numbers, track item donations and purchases, send out mass SMS messages to event participants on-demand or scheduled, print auction materials including certificates and display cards, all while using a streamlined online platform.

  • Manage Auction Catalog: Assign categories & numbers
  • Online & Mobile Enabled: Runs Seamlessly with Events.org
  • Manage Full Auction Cycle: From item solicitation to bidding & closing
  • Track Donations & Purchases
  • Mass SMS Messages: Send out mass messages on demand or scheduled
  • Print Auction Materials: Certificates & Display Cards
  • Easy Setup & Installation
  • Secure Platform

Branded Event & Donation Pages

Event.org is the perfect online solution for event organizers or charities who need to create a branded event & donation page without hiring web designers. With our simple tools, you can easily design an event page, set up ticketing & registration, and start selling instantly with your own logo and customized colors. With our platform, you'll have complete control over your branding and customization, so you don't have to spend time worrying about building out a comprehensive website.

  • Complete control means less time spent on web designing so you can focus on more critical aspects of your event.
  • Events.org also allows for your donation page to be within your website, making viewing your event, purchasing tickets, and donating a one-stop shop for your donors.
  • Easily Create your own branded event pages with custom logos, photos, videos, different pages within one page, and colors. 
  • Set up ticketing and registration within minutes.
  • Start selling instantly and track donations in real time.
  • Instantly compatible with PC and Mac for even easier access.
  • Quickly help build to your persuasive campaigns that increase donations from mobile and web users alike.

SMART Event Planning

SMART Event Planning is the ultimate event planning solution. We make it easier to plan every event, no matter how big or small. With our intuitive template system, you can create customized plans that suit your needs and ensure everything is accounted for. Get organized so you can keep your team in sync with tasks, deadlines, and progress.
  • Customizable event planning template tailored to meet specific requirements.
  • Assign tasks set deadlines, and keep track of progress.
  • Record notes on tasks and share them with relevant team members.
  • Track spending throughout the process.
  • Utilize live Events.org posting & management feature for clear communication between teams and attendees about attendance times, safety protocols etc.
  • Compatible with multiple devices; PC's and Mac's.
  • The template can be used as a guide or starting point when creating your event plan. 
  • After you have planned your event, post and manage your event with Events.org also. 

Volunteer Management

Easily manage both large and small groups of volunteers. Our Volunteer Management feature makes it easy to manage your volunteer outreach programs. It offers an intuitive way to quickly and easily recruit, train, and schedule large and small groups of volunteers, streamline reporting requirements and keep track of their activities. Our software is designed to help you save time, engage volunteers, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.
  • Manage large & small groups of volunteers.
  • Simple online signup forms, event registration, & attendance tracking.
  • Track volunteer activities & generate automatic reports.
  • Set up different time slots & jobs for volunteers.
  • Determine eligibility for volunteers automatically with our profile questions.
  • Easily assign tasks or shift roles to appropriate volunteers.
  • Automated check-in/out feature for accurate tracking.
  • A comprehensive volunteer calendar shows upcoming & past events.
  • Keeps safety regulation requirements in mind.

Membership Management

Membership Management provides a unified digital platform to store, review and manage all your membership data. Easily keep track of member contact details, payment history, attendance at events and more. Create custom reports for up-to-date status tracking on members for optimized decision making. Automated emails can be sent to remind members of upcoming events or invoices that need to be paid.

  • Create an overview dashboard of all member performance metrics such as payments collected or participation rate in activities.
  • Keep updated records of contact information, payment history, and event attendance for every member.
  • Simply look up members under contacts to review member information.
  • Automatically send notifications with reminders for upcoming events or invoices needed to be paid via Email/ SMS/ Push Notifications.
  • Create custom reports detailing what people have paid, attended certain events and more in order to quickly access helpful analytics.
  • Generate graphs & charts quantifying the success of your membership programs at any point in time.
  • Mobile friendly so you can update memberships on the go

Conference Management

One place to handle all key conference management planning before, during, and after your event. Conference Manager is an intuitive and feature-rich conference management platform that makes it easy to plan, coordinate and manage events from start to finish. This highly efficient tool enables teams to stay on top of every task during the planning process, maintaining organization for every aspect of your conference. All the helpful features included in the platform help maintain proper communication while giving users control over their events. Let Conference Manager take care of every detail so you can focus on making your event a memorable success.
  • Create meeting schedules
  • Set up personal and team agendas
  • Take notes and share documents with other employees to maintain proper communication throughout your conference. 
  • Manage attendees
  • Track attendance
  • Send out invitations
  • Automated email/text reminders
  • Pre, during & post management features
  • Online payment integration options
  • Real-time reports & analytics
  • Send customized automated emails and text messages to conference attendees throughout your conference to keep them up to date.
  • Includes all helpful features to help you take control of your event.

Online Calendar

The Online Calendar is a powerful tool to help you and your team stay on top of all your events. Ideal for group projects, this calendar allows you to easily create, manage, and review both in-person and virtual events. Great for planning ahead, the Online Calendar lets you post essential dates to the calendar months or days before an event, such as ordering supplies, setting up equipment, confirming catering, or any other special requests needed in order to make your event run smoothly. With its flexible features, you can easily edit and add notes to any postings on your calendar. No more worrying about deciphering handwriting from paper planners! Let the Online Calendar keep you organized and on track for all event planning tasks.

  • Create & manage in-person & virtual events.
  • Post important dates ahead of events.
  • Easy editing & adding notes to calendar postings.
  • Flexible event scheduling options.
  • Team collaboration features.
  • Review all event details with one simple view.
  • Customize your own color-coding system.

Donation Solicitation Tracking

Donation Solicitation Tracking is a powerful tool designed to help organizations manage their donation solicitation campaigns. Donation Solicitation Tracking ensures your organization receives maximum return on their donation campaigns by providing detailed campaign overviews that include the number of donors, the total amount raised, and more.

  • Track and manage solicitors' contact information
  • Create campaigns with start & end dates, goals & descriptions.
  • Send invites to solicitors via email with personalized access links.
  • Assign solicitors to personalized tasks.
  • Easy to measure the success & impact of fundraising efforts.
  • Summary tab to review donations after the solicitation has been done
  • Campaign Overview, including the number of donors & total amount raised.

50/50 Raffle

A 50/50 raffle is a type of fundraising event where participants purchase tickets for a chance to win a prize. Half of the total proceeds from ticket sales are awarded to the winner, while the other half is typically donated to a charitable cause or organization. The name "50/50" refers to the equal division of funds between the winner and the designated beneficiary.
  • Easily manage all of your raffle ticket sales in one place. 
  • Offer a variety of pricing options based on the number of tickets purchased.
  • The automatic draw feature picks a winner randomly with no bias or favoritism. 
  • Dedicated raffle page.
  • Flexible customization settings let you control how the raffles appear and function on your website. 
  • Generate reports quickly to keep track of ticket sales & other key metrics over time.

Ticketing Options

Ticketing Options with Events.org is your perfect solution to create different ticket types and pricing for your event. From general admission tickets to VIP experiences and everything in between, you can customize the pricing of each ticket type according to what works best for you and your attendees.Ticketing Options with Events.org provides all the features and options you need to make ticketing simple, efficient and successful!

  •  Create different tickets & pricing for each type. 
  •  Transfer tickets from one attendee to another.
  •  Any ticket type from general, VIP, and more! 
  •  Ability to create coupon codes with customizable amounts of money/percentage off.
  •  Access code control over who can register/buy tickets for an event.

Event Dashboard

The Event Dashboard is the perfect tool for event planners to have all the information they need at their fingertips during planning and at the actual time of the event. The dashboard puts key event data into one place, allowing you to review results and make changes as needed quickly. With its user-friendly interface, this dashboard makes it easy to find all your RSVP lists, sponsorships, sales, email marketing campaigns, and more in just a few clicks. All that data can be accessed in real time, giving you an accurate picture of how your event is going at any given moment.

  • Real-time access to all your data.
  • Access everything from your event dashboard. 
  • Customizable views of relevant information to support the planning process.
  • Automated insights related to sales trends & RSVPs.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Quick preview of sponsors & audience engagement.
  • Easily accessible sales report.
  • Simple integration with other systems.
  • Overall, making it easy to find what you need fast during those hectic planning days. 

Simple Online Check-In

Simple Online Check-In offers an efficient way to check in guests to your event, by allowing them to easily check in with their mobile device or laptop at home. Events.org sends out a convenient email before the event with instructions on how to complete the simple online check-in process. This removes the need for multiple volunteers and extra equipment at check-in; instead a simple QR code scan is all that's needed for guests who prefer to register in person.

  • Guests can check in online from any device that has internet access – including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Events.org will send out an email with sign-in instructions before the event so that guests can easily pre-register from home or when en route.
  • Fewer staff members/ volunteers are needed during check-in as no additional laptops, scanners or other equipment is necessary.
  • Quick and easy registration using a QR code scan for those checking in at the venue.
  • No more long check-in lines.

Queen of Hearts Raffle

Queen of Hearts Raffle is a type of fundraising raffle where participants purchase tickets for a chance to win a progressive jackpot. The game involves a deck of playing cards, and each card is assigned a number. The raffle begins with the Queen of Hearts card hidden among other cards. As tickets are drawn, the corresponding card is revealed. If the Queen of Hearts is drawn, the individual holding the winning ticket wins half of the jackpot. If the Queen of Hearts is not drawn, the game continues, and the jackpot grows each week until the Queen of Hearts is eventually revealed. 

  • Easily manage all of your raffle ticket sales in one place. 
  • Dedicated Queen of Hearts Raffle page
  • Digital display of 54 cards on the raffle page. Cards that have been picked are displayed flipped over.
  • Count down until the next drawing on the raffle page, allowing participants to be fully updated.
  • Offer a variety of pricing options based on the number of tickets purchased. 
  • The draw feature picks a winner randomly with no bias or favoritism. 
  • The draw can be automatic or manual.
  • Customize the raffle page with logo and event information. 
  • Generate reports quickly to keep track of ticket sales & other key metrics over time.

Raffle Management

Events.org Raffle Management is the perfect solution for charities and organizations looking to manage raffle tickets easily, quickly, and securely. Easily offer different pricing options and track sales, number of tickets sold/remaining, and more—all in one place. With our comprehensive tools, raffle management has never been easier!

  • Easily manage all of your raffle ticket sales in one place.
  • Offer a variety of pricing options based on the number of tickets purchased.
  • Track which tickets have been sold and how many remain available.
  • The automatic draw feature picks a winner randomly with no bias or favoritism.
  • Dedicate page for each raffle so you can easily customize content for potential buyers before purchasing.
  • Flexible customization settings let you control how the raffles appear and function on your website.
  • Generate reports quickly to keep track of ticket sales & other key metrics over time.

Guest Payment Plan

Our Guest Payment Plan eliminates financial barriers for guests by offering a flexible payment option to register for your event in lieu of instant payment. Enhance guest participation, attract a larger audience, and ensure no one misses out on your exceptional event due to financial constraints. Create a fully customizable payment plan, choose payment dates, payment amounts, and deposit amounts. 
  • Increase registration rates by offering a convenient payment option for guests.
  • Provide flexibility for guests with limited budgets by allowing them to spread out their payments over time.
  • Attract a wider range of guests who may not be able to afford the full registration fee upfront.
  • Reduce administrative tasks by automating the payment plan process.
  • Improve guest satisfaction by offering a payment option that fits their financial needs.
  • Allow guests to secure their registration without needing to pay a deposit upfront.
  • Encourage early registration by offering the option to pay a deposit and pay the remaining balance later.

Secure Online Payment Processing

Events.org has secure payment processing allowing you to sell directly from your event page with no third party involved, so you and your guests can feel safe while purchasing tickets or donating to your organization online. 
  • Add processing fees to attendees' tickets. Online credit card processing fees can add up for an organization taking away from profits. You can choose to enable, disable or have the attendees choose if they would like to pay the processing fee. 
  • Accept online payments, donations, and deposits securely and reliably.
  • Allow donors to pay by debit or credit card as well as check or invoices at a later date.
  • Payout for your organization accurately via direct deposit.
  • Store credit card information securely for attendees' Express Checkout on the event day.
  • Ensure the safety and privacy of data with encryption technology using industry standards for all card information stored in our servers.

Custom Email Invitations and Event Messages

Create email invitations and event messages. Quickly and easily send professional-looking emails to guests and contacts, including a link to your events page where they can learn more, buy tickets, and make donations. Keep track of all incoming responses from these messages as well. Customize pre-written messages for every step of your event, from offer emails to thank you messages afterward. Automatically schedule message-sending times without having to worry about forgetting an important message. No design or coding skills are required!

  • Easily customize professional-looking email invitations and event messages with no design or coding needed.
  • Connect the corresponding events/donation page so guests can receive information about the event, purchase tickets, and make donations.
  • Generate personalized content for each recipient when sending out batch email invites or messages.
  • Pre-written Messages tailored for every step of the event process; offers, reminders, thank yous , etc.
  • Schedule times for message sending, never forget an important message again!
  • Track all incoming responses from these emails in real time.
  • Included in your invitation with be a link to your events/donation page where guests can learn more about your event, buy tickets and donate.

Events and Donor Reporting and Analytics

Events and Donor Reporting & Analytics is the perfect tool to create, review and store all reports relating to events and donors. Create customized reports of all things concerning events and donor records stored on Events.org for easy access. 

  •  Create custom reports quickly & easily regarding all aspects of events & donors.
  •  Easily search through databases and query information with powerful search bars.
  •  Export data in multiple forms; PDF, Excel & CSV.
  •  Stored on Events.org, allowing you to find specific searches quickly.           
  •  Pre-made “standard reports” are available to view.
  •  Customize your own data fields making reports completely unique.    
  •  See live calculations and instantly preview your report before you download it.                
  •  Gain valuable insights from both events & donor-related transactions.

Promote Your Events

Promoting events can take a lot of time, effort, and money. But with Events.org it won't! Events.org is the perfect one stop shop for event organizers looking to promote their events in less time and with no extra cost. Our services allow you to create a community around your event, build coverage and make potential attendees aware of your occasion in no time. We will feature your event on our homepage allowing more users to discover it quickly, plus provide you with a custom URL for sharing across multiple platforms and social media networks, as well as an accompanying QR code for direct access. Get ready to promote your event faster than ever with Events.org!

  • Feature your event on our homepage for even broader exposure.
  • Allows you to promote on another platform without having to spend any extra money or time. 
  • Custom URL helps promote the event on other platforms without any added effort or expense.
  • Embed the link into your organization's main website or share it on social media.
  • QR code linked to your event page provides easy access from different devices.
  • Helps generate leads while helping build a community centered around the event.
  • Gain exposure quickly in less time and with no extra cost.

Host and Manage Unlimited Events

Events.org is an easy-to-use, web-based software that allows you to host and manage any upcoming event with ease and minimal stress. Whether it's a small gathering or large-scale ticketed event, Events.org is here to help, with no limitations on the number of events you can host.
  • Easily Create & Edit Events: Copy previous events into new ones or set up entirely new events in minutes and customize them to your liking, including date & time, location, pricing etc.
  • Secure Online Platform: Access the database from any secure internet connection, allowing for easier organizing and managing of events for local and remote audiences.
  • Custom URLs & QR Codes: Generate custom URLs or a QR code associated with each event so you can share it on your website or social media platforms.
  • Invitations & Tracking: Send invitations via email or text message; keep track of attendance and take notes; set up meeting schedules; share documents etc.
  • Multiple Decentralized Languages: Set up multiple languages on the events page to make sure you reach a wider audience instantly!
  • Create a public or private event.
  • Events include galas, auctions, golf outings, summer camps, conferences, festivals, sporting events, and more.

Survey Integrations

Survey Integrations with Events.org allows you to create custom surveys that can be sent to your guests before or after events. With these Surveys, you will be able to collect valuable data from your attendees, such as their feedback and opinions on the event, and then use it to plan future events more successfully and have better insights. 


  •  Easily create custom surveys to collect feedback from event attendees. 
  •  Send out pre-event surveys included in the confirmation emails or sent separately. 
  •  Send out post-event surveys after the event has ended. 
  •  Generate insightful survey reports with graphical representations and export them into a PDF or Excel file. 
  •  Get improved insights into customer experience and use it to plan successful future events more effectively.

Reserved Seating

The Reserved Seating feature is a perfect solution for event managers and planners who need to quickly create and manage seating plans for events like concerts, conferences, and galas. This customizable feature helps you create seat assignments digitally in just a few clicks so you can easily assign table names, numbers, and guests. 


  • Customizable reserved seating feature for events such as concerts, conferences or galas.
  •  Quickly create seat charts digitally with just a few clicks. 
  •  Easily assign table names, numbers, and guests. 
  •  Search a guest’s name in your attendee contacts and add/transfer/remove them from their seat number or table with one click. 
  •  Export your completed chart to either PDF or Excel forms to share with your team before or on event day. 
  •  Easily drag & drop seating plans while matching tableside catering requirements within your seating plan design. 
  •  Assigning & managing multiple ticket types seamlessly all in one place on the same layout grid view.

Savings Calculator

Are you looking for a way to save on your current services? Our free online Savings Calculator can show you how much money you could save if you switch from your current service provider to Events.org. With our Savings Calculator, it’s easy to discover potential savings and make the switch!

  •  Instantly compare different service providers to Events.org to get the best rate. 
  •  Type in your current rates for each feature and compare. 
  •  Get an instant estimate of potential savings. 
  •  Details are always accurate with up-to-date data.

Dedicated Customer Support

Dedicated Customer Support from Events.org is here to help make sure your event goes off without a hitch. Our team of customer service experts is available and committed to providing excellent support and assistance whenever you need it, even on nights and weekends! With our customer service team, you can rest assured that you'll receive clear answers and solutions to any issues or questions you may have about Events.org products or services. 


  • Customer support via phone, chat, and email.
  • Dedicated professionals with knowledgeable responses to all inquiries.
  • Quick turnaround times for speedy resolutions.
  • Online ticketing system for easy tracking of inquiries. 
  • Clear answers & solutions tailored to each event & customer’s needs.