Website For Events: Top 11 Items to Include

Website For Events: Top 11 Items to Include

What to include on Your Event Page

Creating a website for events is very important for the success of events these days. Online is where people go to find weekend plans and fun events. There are many ways to promote online; we suggest promoting everywhere possible and linking an event page or website for events to your other online promotional posts, having a customized event page with your own custom URL is a great add-on for your event promotion.

A website for events requires more work than creating a Facebook events page or Instagram post. You must craft a page that will reflect your company and event in a way you know that your targeted audience will enjoy and take notice of. It is nice to include in your online promotional efforts because it is a place to go for all things your event. It is hard to squeeze all your needed information into a post on social media, creating a post that is too long will lead to people scrolling past. Posting a short eye-catching post and then adding an events page link is the best way to ensure your potential guest will not scroll past but still have a way of getting all the needed information if desired.


Crafting a successful events website:

Format page correctly

Starting with the layout, the layout of your page is just as important as the content that is on it. You can have great things to add it can be well written but if it is not laid out correctly no one will be able to enjoy it. Keep your page easy to navigate and not too busy. Ensure what order your items are shown in makes sense, don't start with ticket sales try starting with your call to action for this event or your story to create a bond with your potential guests. Starting with information that lets guests understand your goals and who you are will persuade them to attend organically.

After the layout is correct, some formatting tips that will continue to help your page flow are to:
Convert text into tables or diagrams to break up big clumps of words.
Add bullet points
Only add colored text, italics, and bold wording rarely.

Eye-catching landing page

A landing page screen will be the first thing that is seen by a potential guest. Design your event landing page with your demographic in mind, if it is directed towards a younger group, use bring colors and photos, if it is a more sophisticated event, maybe go for a sleeker look. It is all about knowing your goals and how you want this event to be portrayed.

When crafting your landing page, no matter the audience, as we went over before do not overcrowd the page. Adding too much will make it hard to focus on one thing and lead to the website visitor leaving your page. It will also slow down your loading time, this is extremely important. Research shows that 40% of visitors will abandon websites if the page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, just 3 seconds and almost half of your potential guests have left the page and almost 90% will not return later to try again. This also ruins SEO and now Google will rank your webpage lower because of the traffic on your page.

Call to action

A call to action is typically a prompt on an advertisement or website for events to encourage your audience to take specific action immediately. Call-to-action verbs are words like register, click here for, share, donate, subscribe, etc. Creating a sense of urgency always helps your call to action as well, add phrases like "Click here before August 10th for a discounted rate". What are the main things you want people to know about this event? And from there register for your event, buy tickets, and share them with friends and family.

Event Schedule 

Give your guests all the information needed for your event; a full event description is needed. Add registration, agenda, calendar, ticketing, special entertainment, food and drink, auction time, speaker time, or any other special add-ons you might be included in your event. Showing an exciting full day of activities will persuade guests and increase registration.

Event Registration 

Creating an easy registration on a website for events allows guests to read your well-crafted event page and can immediately register after. Make it simple, if a process is too difficult it will steer people away from continuing. It is all about simplicity.

Ticket information 

Keep this easy to find on your page, after all, the whole goal of the page is to persuade people to buy tickets.
Give prices, dates tickets will be going on sale, description of different ticket types, terms and conditions, everything, and anything they would need to know about purchasing a ticket.

Photos of previous events

Adding pictures of events from years before and a list of events gives your guests an idea of what is to come this year. Showing people that you know how to run a successful event and have done it in the past gives you creditability. Show event photos of the venue, entertainment, and guests. This allows potential attendees to envision themselves at your event and get excited as to what is to come at your upcoming event.


Adding sponsors to your website for events page lets your guests know this is a legitimate event. Add sponsor logos of each sponsor on your events page. If loyal customers of a company sees that the company they love is sponsoring your event that might just be the last thing they need to see to convince them they need to go to your event. Just like a loyal fan to a celebrity who will support them no matter what there are people who will support a brand no matter what as well. Adding sponsors that you know your guests will love is a great idea. Of course, not all sponsors need to be closely related to the event but for example, having a salon sponsor an event that primarily brings in women would be a great sponsor for all parties involved.

Company story

Let people who aren’t familiar with your company get to know you better. Post your company mission, when it was created, how it came about, and who started it. Brand storytelling is when you connect with your guests through an emotional narrative and create a link between your brand's morals and values and your guests. Brand storytelling will create a connection with your guests, people like knowing the little details about companies.


FAQ's are important to add to any website, typically you will know questions that potential guests have based on your previous events. If you have not, consider researching typical FAQ's or ask coworkers to view your page and ask them to write down any questions they could possibly have after leaving your website for events page.
If your event is an in-person event and it is changed to a virtual event how will that be handled?

Ensuring you put everything that is needed to know for your guests on your page is a perfect way for them to not leave your event page with uncertainty and not register or buy tickets. They will leave with all the information needed to persuade them to attend your event. Open communication is key

Link social media and relevant pages

Linking social media and relevant pages both on and off your website for events will increase SEO on your page allowing for more traffic. This will not only allow people to visit your social media pages and learn more about the event and your company but also encourage them to share your social media posts. 
Email: adding a section for potential guests to put their email to receive more information on the event is a great way to conduct an email marketing campaign. This will benefit you in your current and future events. 
These are important guideline steps to creating the perfect webpage for event promotion. These tips can be fully customized and used for any type of event you will be hosting in the future

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